Keynote Speakers

Morgan Beeby

Imperial College, London

Beeby's group uses 3D electron microscopy to understand how molecular machines like flagella or injectisomes have evolved.


He is also a passionate promoter and has designed lego models of his molecular machines to introduce them to the general public!

Tak Wah Mak

University of Toronto, Canada

Best-known for discovering and delineating the structure of the T-cell antigen receptor, he also founded Agios Pharmaceuticals, a company that developed a first-ever compound approved to specifically target tumor metabolism in cancer treatment.

Maria Carmo-Fonseca

University of Lisboa, Portugal

As a professor she gathers knowledge about RNA splicing in

human diseases and new medical applications for RNA.

She is also a member of several scientific organisations and

monitoring editor of the Journal of Cell Science. 

Karim El Kasmi

Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany

After an outstanding academic career, he changed to industry where he is now working as Laboratory Head of the

Immunology and Respiratory Research Department.