At <interact> 2018, you will have the chance to raise your doubts and discuss them with a distinguished panel of experts in various fields of science.

Which emerging fields will gain most interest in the coming years?

Which new scientific discoveries will soon be applied in real life?

Is free-access in science an option?

What is possible - what is not?

How will ethics deal with new techniques that might challenge human principles or morals?

In which direction will the academic world develop in the next few years?

How can we improve science reproducibility?

Can we ever reach gender balance?

Since <interact> is celebrating its 10th anniversary, we want the students and speakers to debate the “hot topics” that will influence scientific work today, change reality in the near future and might have far reaching consequences for the next 10 years. Come along and speak up!

Maria Karpova

Pharmaceutical Industry


Tissue Biomarker scientist at

Roche Innovation Centre Munich

Tobias K. Vogt

Pharmaceutical Industry


Head of Medical Launch

Excellence & Transformation

in Merck Biopharma


Neysan Donnelly


copy editor, proofreader and scientific writer


Stuart Firestein



Professor at Columbia University

Visiting Fellow at Paris Science et Lettres (PSL)



Ignorance (2012) & Failure (2015)

Andreas Kurtz



The European Group on Ethics in

Science and New Technologies


Stem cell biologist

Kyle Legate



Team manager at

Nature Communications


with background in

membrane protein biochemistry

Barbara Conradt



Professor at the Department of Cell and Development Biology - LMU Munich