Career Fair - Your future in science

Nadine Becker


Nanion Technologies

Irene Ferreira



Carlos Acevedo-Rocha


Scientist, Biosyntia

Switching to industry?

                        Creating a new biotech start-up?

                                                           Staying in academia or becoming a scientific editor?

The possibilities after a PhD are diverse and often confusing...

At <interact> 2018, we offer you the possibility to learn from your peers.

We have invited past members of the interact organizing committee to tell us about their career path. People, who were in your place less than 10 years ago, will share their experience. They all followed diverse options after their PhDs, and we long to hear how they made it! The speakers will give short talks focused on skills they acquired during their thesis, the application process, and work-life balance reality.

You will have plenty of time to ask questions during the event, however, if you don’t find your chance then, you can always catch the speakers later in the day, during any of the breaks, at dinner or at the networking events. Come along to learn what your future could look like in 10 years - or less!

The speakers invited will be: